Antenatal classes

I offer one to one antenatal classes, and find that it works very well, as…

  • it allows a more personal discussion and conversation bespoke to your own pregnancy
  • clients can book the topics that they wish Midwife Care to offer
  • clients can book the length of the classes to their own choosing
  • the classes can be arranged at a time which suits you best in the relaxed environment of your own home

Recommended to commence from 28 weeks onwards:
Fee’s – £325 daytime; £360 evening/weekend

Alternatively, if you do not require or want the full programme, for example you would like a session on pain relief only, or stages of labour…teaching fee’s on hourly basis…£70 per hour day; £80 per hour evening

Teaching Programme
Course programme: 6 hours teaching time –

  • What to expect as you approach your “due date” (term of pregnancy), including where to have your baby…..home, midwife led unit and delivery suite hospital
  • Optimal fetal positioning and its relevance to labour
  • Normal Labour & birthing process, and preparation for the big day!
  • Self help coping mechanisms, especially in early labour at home, as well as waterbirth & pain relief for labour, such as TENS machine, entonox, pethidine and epidural. Discussed in light of evidence based care, looking at pro’s and cons.
  • Common occurances and interventions in labour such as monitoring baby heartbeat, what happens when my waters go, hormone drip in labour, forceps or ventouse deliveries, caesarian sections,vaginal tears (how to try to ovoid them) and stitching, immediate post delivery for mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding/infant feeding
  • Parenting preparation, including Lullaby Trust guidelines
  • Postnatal and the first few weeks advice
  • A course programme and handouts are provided.Remember….all classes led by myself as practicing midwife….drawing on years of experience, to give you factual, un-biased, evidence based information….facilitating you to make informed choices for labour and delivery, and parenthood!

Client reviews of Antenatal Classes
“Helen Taylor from “Midwife Care” was recommended to us by friends who had had classes with her….we were looking for an alternative to NCT classes (which are not run by midwives). Having one-to-one classes at our home with Helen was a fantastic solution. Helen took us through everything that we needed to know about preparing for labour and birth and as a result we felt extremely prepared and on top of the situation. Her approach is down-to-earth and pragmatic and she is extremely knowledgeable.”
“Thank you Helen for your informative care, allaying my wife’s fears. It has been a great comfort and relief to us. We both like your honest, relaxed and personal approach to our pregnancy care, and in your presentation of factual information in the antenatal classes. Helen “really knows her stuff as a midwife” and is able to impart that knowledge in a very user friendly way!”