It is impossible to explain how much Helen has helped us. I credit her with my positive pregnancy, birth and parenting experience to date. Her support has made a phenomenal difference for our family. She helped us make informed choices as pregnancy progressed – everyone commented how calm I seemed and I think this contributed hugely to a relaxed straightforward labour. Having a relationship with your midwife helps immensely and it is a real shame this isn’t the normal procedure.
Helen was a mentor, a friend and when necessary ensured i got the old-fashioned straight talking I needed to get through labour! When we had early issues with breastfeeding Helen was fantastic and without her support I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to continue. We were also impressed she supported us as a family and included my husband. I would not have another child without her support and recommend her services to everyone.
” Jan 2019

Having had Helen’s support post-birth with our first child we didn’t hesitate to call on her assistance for baby number 2, especially as this time around I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, plus the disruption of COVID to deal with!  Helen was fantastic – incredibly supportive, providing clear advice on how to manage my gestational diabetes and maximise the chances of having a natural birth.  This was so useful to make sure I was fully informed with the most up to date clinical guidelines and it meant I could have constructive and confident conversations with the hospital team to best manage my final weeks pre-delivery.  Post-birth, knowing we had Helen on hand provided so much reassurance and allowed us to confidently make it through the first few weeks as smoothly as possible, with none of the breast-feeding complications we experienced with our first baby.  Helen’s careful approach during COVID, making adjustments as needed to keep us all safe was invaluable, particularly while the local NHS teams had cut back to mostly virtual visits.  Helen’s support has meant we have had the best possible start in these difficult times! ” January 2020