Antenatal Care

Full pregnancy check-up

Midwife Care offers appointment’s aimed at providing midwifery support and advice for any stage of pregnancy.

Full midwifery check up, support and information specific to the stage of your pregnancy.

Plenty of time to chat to a friendly midwife and ask questions etc as well as antenatal preparation regarding birth options, labour preparation, parenting skills and infant feeding

Referral would be made directly to your NHS care provider if there were any concerns regarding your Antenatal wellbeing.

Client feedback

“Midwife Care attends at home and provides a delightful one whole hour (or more if you want it) to carry out the routine pregnancy check up, as well as go through any concerns I may have had at the time….so good! Highly recommended!”
Seeing Midwife Care on a regular basis in my pregnancy made me less anxious.  I really enjoyed the one to one aspect of midwifery, with un-rushed appointments.  I also liked the continuity of care and developing a relationship with my midwife, as well as telephone access to my midwife for any concerns I had in between appointments.”

Labour Support

Midwife Care offers a service whereby I attend and support you for your labour and delivery.

The service begins at the very start of labour….often with text and telephone contact, advising and supporting on the phone, as labour begins and becomes more established, and ends usually a few hours after birth.

Whilst at home in the early stages of labour, I provide a full midwife check up, including assessment of cervical dilatation if clinically appropriate.

Once in established labour,  Midwife Care can then attend with you and your husband/partner and offer continuity, support, and encouragement  during your labour and delivery …..but not provide the actual hands on midwifery care. The responsibility for your delivery rests with your chosen NHS care provider.

So I attend in a “non clinical capacity” role. My role becomes one of a support/advocate, drawing upon my years of experience as a midwife to support you both.  I don’t call myself a “doula” for obvious reasons.

Client feedback

“The more we got to know Helen during our Antenatal appointments, the more we knew the importance of having her there with us during the labour.

We both so valued the calls and messages of reassurance in the crucial weeks before labour finally becoming established. She gave us both really helpful advice and guidance, both emotionally and physically thorough out my labour.

One of the things which concerned us was taking our “own midwife” with us for support in labour into the NHS unit. We needn’t have worried though – Helen was amazing and she has a fine ability to collaborate and communicate with the NHS midwives and staff, in a very open and relaxed manner.”

Postnatal Care

Generously timed Midwifery postnatal health check for both mother and baby


  • Advice and support regarding new parenting skills and feeding
  • Valuable opportunity to reflect and discuss birth experience
  • Help understanding your baby’s needs
  • If full package, Newborn Blood Spot Screening test and weighing of baby

Bespoke care meeting the needs of you and your baby, and getting you off to the best possible start postnatally!

“Postnatally, the highlight was when we returned from the hospital, Helen was there waiting to help settle us into our home.  The postnatal package was a real comfort to us.  She offered advice on everything relevant – breastfeeding, sleeping support, post birth support for me physically as well as to our newborn”                                                              

“The postnatal advice and support that Midwife Care gave was invaluable.  The explanations on my Emergency Caesarian and its necessity were very reassuring.  It helped greatly to come to terms with the events and to process the traumatic event.  Helen demonstrated a very  personal engagement and in-depth level of knowledge.  We specifically would recommend Helen because of her expertise, compassion and empathy that she showed to us as our Independent Midwife”