Keep as active as possible as you approach your due date!

So following on from optimal fetal positioning…………..

As you approach your due date, this can be a time when you are most challenged by the pregnancy. This is not only in respect to being physically challenged, but also mentally/emotionally too.

So on a physical level, getting about can be difficult, not only due to carrying the weight of pregnancy, but also as the baby’s head starts to enter your pelvis or “engage”.  The strain on your pelvic floor is enormous, and all your pelvic floor muscles are working so hard to keep everything in!

Secondly, emotionally, it is getting closer and closer to delivery, and the uncertainty of “when” and “how” for labour can really play with emotions.

Many women go on maternity leave, some weeks before the due date, others literally as their due date approaches. If you enjoy work, then this can feel like a “loss”; for others it may be a huge relief to be finishing work.

Either way, big changes in your daily routine!

When you give up work, do try and stay as active as you can.  The temptation may be to feel that the least physical exertion you have to spend, the better! However it is best to keep yourself as up and about as you can. One really helpful and yet simple  tip is to find the time each day to have a walk, for at least 30 minutes. It is so useful for all the optimal fetal positioning points that I have mentioned in the two previous blog entries. Apart from, the benefits of getting out and about in the fresh air!

If you think you are in labour, going for a walk can help in encouraging things to get going. You can never “will” yourself into labour but it can help to stimulate contractions in the early stages.

I remember walking around our local park at 22.30 hours with my husband and trusty dog when I went into early labour with my first child. Before going for the walk, I was not really sure if this was my body having yet another  practice session or potentially was it  labour?  By the end of the walk we were sure that this was “it” and sure enough it was the start! The walk definitely helped to encourage more consistent contractions.

Keep safe though!  I don’t promote walking around your local park alone, query in labour, in the middle of the night!! Neither in horrid weather!  Common sense prevails.