Limiting baby milk powder sales in UK

I read this news item on BBC website, and it was one of those moments in life when you think “my oh my”. You can understand the reasons why “foreign made formula” has become in such demand in China, given the details described of milk powder being laced with chemicals, and the awful consequence’s for babies health and well being………..this news item has got to be another good reason to add to the already full list of good reasons to at least try to breastfeed your baby!

Please note the “to at least try to breastfeed”….as an experienced midwife and mother myself of 3 children, I am only too aware that for some women, despite all their best efforts,breastfeeding is so much more difficult to achieve than for others. Key to breastfeeding is early support and encouragement in the first week, getting off to the best start possible for mother and baby. I am always happy to help and advise!!

“Retailers in the UK are rationing sales of powdered baby milk because of a surge in demand in China.

Danone, the manufacturer of Aptamil and Cow and Gate baby milk powder, said most supermarkets were introducing a restriction of two cans per customer.

It said the limit was to prevent some individuals from bulk-buying baby milk for “unofficial exports”.

“We understand that the increased demand is being fuelled by unofficial exports to China to satisfy the needs of parents who want Western brands for their babies.”

“We would like to apologise to parents for any inconvenience caused by this limit. We know that most parents only buy one pack at a time, so we hope that the impact of this limit on UK parents will be minimal,” it added.

Foreign-made baby formula are popular in China, especially since a locally manufactured formula laced with the industrial chemical melamine killed six infants in 2008 and caused another 300,000 to fall ill.

Earlier this year, shops in Australia were forced to restrict sales of infant formula, as Chinese customers and tourists bought them in bulk to send them home or to sell them online.