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Maternity Leave

Several of my antenatal clients have chatted with me during their antenatal appointments this week re maternity leave, and how long to take etc. Read an article yesterday which quite surprised me!
I quote (no idea re source for this data)…..
“1:4 women in the USA take just 2 weeks off after giving birth” and it stated that a former Yahoo CEO took just a fortnights leave after having her twins! My she must have had a very robust support around her to achieve that!
My thoughts though were also towards the newborn babies….feeding and establishing of it generally takes a couple of weeks at least.
It quite simply is not long enough off following the birth – for new mother recovering postbirth and newborn baby/babies.
Maternity Leave needs to be longer than that ideally!

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What does new motherhood look like?

Interesting article I read over the weekend with some great photo’s…..proud new Mum’s with their newborn baby! Photographer Jenny Lewis undertook a project called “One Day Young”, photographing new mum’s and their babies within first 24 hours after birth!

In the article Lewis talks about an all familiar issue for me as an independent midwife….
“At the peak of the project Lewis would have weeks with 10 due dates. “I’d be thinking, ‘Please, don’t have them all on the same day!’ When I go on holiday I feel terrible but I can’t plan my whole life around it. My kids have been amazing. ‘Sorry guys I’ve got a One Day Young!’ I say, ‘Back in an hour.’”

My husband and children are amazing too…as I await client labours/births and jumping into action etc when they do! Often not back in an hour though!!