Optimal fetal positioning – practical solutions!

Ok so following on from my last post…as promised, practical ways to encourage your baby to line up well with maternal pelvis, in readiness for labour!

  • Upright and forward leaning positions will encourage your baby to lie in the OA positions
  • Pay attention to how you relax on the sofa….try not to slouch too much, which can encourage baby to lie OP.  Use cushions behind your back to support you in an upright sitting position, with maybe a footstool to raise your feet up off the ground a little.  Aim for your knees to be level with your hips. A large book or sturdy shoe box is high enough to act as a footstool.
  • Birth Balls/ exercise or pilates balls are absolutely great for getting your baby in a good position.  1/2 hour a day sat on ball is ideal.  To get your balance, you sit well with a straight back, and knees apart. A small bounce motion can help nudge your baby into a great position.  Goes to say it is also good in labour to sit on too!
  • Avoid crossing your legs as this reduces the space at the front of your pelvis….to be honest it is pretty tricky to do in the third trimester of pregnancy anyway!
  • Kneeling on the ground on hands and knees’ rocking your pelvis from side to side
  • Try sitting the other way around on a dining chair – really opens up your pelvis.
  • Sleeping on your side, not your back.

All of the above are helpful and ideally you would commence the above from 28 weeks onwards, to encourage your baby to lie in an optimal positioning in utero.  Remember you cannot force your baby to lie in a position! Gentle encouragement!

On a positive note….my client I mentioned  last week ….she had done the exercises above and baby was lined up in LOA position.  Labour progressed well for her, as baby was in the ideal position, and she had as “smooth” a labour as you could hope for!